Music on the Move Challenge

Join the SmartDeviceLink Consortium and FordDev for the Music on the Move Challenge during the Capitol Royale Hackathon in Hollywood, CA

November 16-17, 2019


SDL & FordDev are partnering up for the Music on the Move Challenge at the 2019 Capitol Royale Hack. Join us!

How can APIs evolve music listening in the car to become an immersive lifestyle that delivers just-in-time content, personalized experiences, and connect fans with all aspects of their favorite artists? 

Today, one feature of SDL APIs is to enable streaming music from favorites such as iHeartRadio and Pandora in millions of vehicles around the world. The Music on the Move Challenge, presented by SDL and FordDev, wants to see how the innovative developer community can take advantage of the unique opportunity cars offer. Not just bringing music into the car...but the ability to actually bring fans to the music! By connecting with additional API providers or your own platform, how can you deliver compelling 360 artist experiences, navigate listeners to artist events, drive merchandise sales, and more?

Apply for your seat and chance win a grand prize of $10,000 cash PLUS 20-hours of remote support for continued integration of the winning app. Spots are limited and will fill up quickly.



November 16-17, 2019
(Overnight Hack)


The Everly Hollywood
1800 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028

 Win Big



The winning team will take home a grand prize of $10,000 cash PLUS 20-hours of remote support for continued integration of the winning app.



Present your project in front of auto industry decision makers who will judge your work on the following criteria.



We’ve seen a lot of music apps…how are you going to impress the judges?



How much work was made during the hackathon?



How does your app stack up in practicality and usability?



What is your in-vehicle experience, HMI integration, and use of additional resources?


Why you should attend…

SDL enables app developers to connect their content in the vehicle, extending the command and control capabilities from the app directly in to the vehicle screens and controls. No code needs to be embedded in the vehicle and all of the UI is simplified through the use of templates, which also ensures that distracted driver guidelines are not a concern.

Music industry leaders such as iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio (now LiveXLive) and Pandora have been streaming in cars using SDL for years and are joined today by innovative services like Dash Radio. Not just for streaming music, SDL enables productivity through apps like WebEx and Waze, and connects Alexa users in Ford and Toyota vehicles. 

If you have new and unique ideas on how SDL can empower Capitol artists to step across the lines between in-car listening and live interaction, auto industry giants such as Ford, Toyota and Subaru, want you to join this challenge!

Challenge participants will:

  • Have the chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 cash PLUS 20-hours of remote support for continued integration of the winning app.

  • Get unprecedented access to the top technology teams from automakers such as Ford and other SDL adopters.

  • Gain hands-on experience with in-vehicle hardware already in use around the world, and exciting soon-to-launch connected products.

  • Dive in to vehicle generated data such as Fuel Level, GPS Location, or Number of Occupants and show off some new and exciting features you can deliver to drivers and passengers.

  • Present your project in front of auto industry decision makers.

  • Collaborate and innovate with top connected car developers from around the world.


Capitol Royale 

Bringing together the music industry’s leading creatives, coders, startups, corporations and investors to highlight innovation alongside today's top artists and Capitol 360's innovation center partners.

November 15-17, 2019

Capitol Records Building
1750 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Music Hackathon

On the back of the first ever major label-sponsored hackathon in June 2018, the Capitol360 Innovation Center is hosting a second challenge to incubate products and services that reimagine music consumption and discovery.

SDL and FordDev are hosting the Music on the Move Challenge to see how your innovation can bring fans to the music!

2018 Capitol Royale Hackathon Highlights

Photos from 2018 Capitol Royale Event

Innovation Festival

Hosted by the Capitol360 Innovation Center, Capitol Royale is a creativity and innovation marathon to be held at the historic Capitol Records Tower in the heart of Hollywood.

The event features a hackathon, a partner expo, startup demos, guest speakers, a gaming activation, artist performances, and other activities at the intersection of music, technology, and culture.

SDLC and FordDev will host an activation space in the partner expo featuring Ford Mustang demos, head unit demos and access to experts from Ford and other SDL adopters. Be sure to stop by!

Brought to you by Capitol Records & Gener8tor


Music on the Move Challenge Hosted By


SDL is the industry standard for open source in-vehicle connectivity. For automakers and suppliers, SDL adoption broadens the choices for customers in how they connect and control their smartphones while on the move. SDL is the open source software on which the Ford AppLink platform is built. Industry adoption of SDL provides significant benefits to developers interested in connecting their apps for safer in-vehicle use.

The Ford Developer Program opened its doors at CES in 2013, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford’s birth, celebrating his innovative spirit and his belief that to create something truly great, he needed to surround himself with other likeminded individuals. By creating the automotive industry’s first end-to-end developer ecosystem, Ford invited developers from all across the globe to innovate and see their content enjoyed in the vehicle in a way never seen before and over 30,000 developers have done so. At this monumental event, Ford contributed the AppLink core to the open source community…and SDL was born!